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Hellenic Post – ELTA New Pricing and Commercial Policy

The new pricing policy of Hellenic Post is based on upgraded services and its main advantages include the creation of a user-friendly pricelist and the simplification of the pricing process and discount yields.

Key Points of the New Commercial and Pricing Policy

  • user friendly pricelist
  • a simplified pricing process and commercial policy
  • change of basic letter service to non priority
  • ability to trace simple objects
  • upgrade of Priority 1 (merge with express)
  • single billing zone for overseas letterhead
  • discount policy based on customer 'loyalty'


Commercial Policy and Discounts:

The new commercial policy is based on rewarding customers based on their twelve-month turnover.

More specifically:

  • All registered customers – i.e. customers’ whose Tax Identification Number is registered and is used at any of their transactions - receive a loyalty discount when total annual deposits are greater than € 600. The annual turnover at which the rates will be calculated will relate to the twelve-month turnover (with the last calculation month 2 months before the deposit month). That is, for the deposits of March 2020 the turnover of February 2019 - January 2020 will be calculated.
  • Loyalty rates are calculated per Tax Identification Number, updated monthly and the deduction is credited to the deposit.


Loyalty Discounts are given for:

Domestic Letter Mail: The minimum discount rate that can be granted is 25% and the maximum is 40%.

Domestic Parcels: The discount for domestic parcels applies to all the domestic parcel charges. The minimum rate of discount that can be granted is 40% and the maximum is 55%.

• International Letter Mail and Parcels: This discount applies to outbound items. The minimum rate of discount that may be granted is 5% and the maximum is 20%.

Special / Customized Services: The Special / Customized Services discount is 25% and applies to all special mail handling fees and domestic and international parcels.

The variable rate for the above mentioned discounts is calculated on the total customer’s revenues from letter mail and parcel services.

•    Price List of Letter Mail Items
•    Direct Mail Price List
•    International-Domestic Postal Parcels Price List

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