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  7th/2020 - Small album, in a form of carton case (Christmas 2020)  

Small numbered album, circulating in parallel with the stamp series which includes ...


Item code 5205344162444
Price 12,10 €
  15,00 € tax incl.
  7th/2020 - First Day Cover (Christmas 2020)  

Specially illustrated envelopes circulating in parallel with the stamp series...

Item code 5205344162437
Price 2,90 €
  3,60 € tax incl.
  7th/2020 Booklet of 10 Collectible Self-adhesive Stamps (Christmas 2020)  

Booklet "Christmas 2020”

10 shef-adhesive stamps of 1.00 € each  

(the lowest overseas weight category for B' Priority)

limited edition.


Item code 5205344162420
Price 10,00 €
  7th/2020 - Set of Single Stamps (Christmas 2020)  

A set that includes all stamps of the series, separately.

Item code 5205344162321
Price 1,90 €
  7th/2020 Numbered Souvenir Sheet (Christmas 2020)  

Numbered Souvenir Sheet 

Product that is issued in parallel with the stamp series

and includes the stamps of the series joined and full perforated

Product in limited edition.

Item code 5205344162314
Price 1,90 €
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