The 200th anniversary of the siege of Tripolitsa
Tuesday, September 21, 2021



1. To mark the 200th anniversary of the siege of Tripolitsa, Hellenic Post is releasing the following philatelic products:

1.1 Souvenir Sheet of four (4) self-adhesive “Siege of Tripolitsa” Personalised Stamps

Description: A Souvenir Sheet of four (4) self-adhesive Personalised Stamps (35 x 45 mm) with a face value of ninety cents (€0.90) each and images related to the subject.

Quantity: Eight thousand two hundred (8200) copies of the souvenir sheet will be produced.

Price: It will be priced at three euros and sixty cents (€3.60).

Printing method: Multicoloured Offset

Adaptation & Design: Marina Lasithiotaki

Κωδικός: 5205344164233


1.2 Special Numbered Collectible Album:

Description: A Special Collectible Album containing the above souvenir sheet of four self-adhesive Personalised Stamps, together with a Special Commemorative Cover with the two self-adhesive Personalised Stamps cancelled with a special commemorative postmark dated 23rd September 2021.

Quantity: One thousand (1000) copies of the album will be produced.

Price: It will be priced at fifteen euros (€15.00).

Printing method: Multicoloured Offset

Adaptation & Design: Marina Lasithiotaki

Code: 5205344164264


Hellenic Post would like to thank the Benaki Museum for permission to reproduce the lithograph “Kefalas Raises the Flag of Freedom in Tripolitsa” by Peter von Hess (1792-1871), and the painter Georgios Rorris for permission to reproduce his own portrait of Theodoros Kolokotronis.



The above philatelic products will be available from Thursday 23rd September 2021 from:

  •  Tripoli Central Branch, 2 Plapouta St, 221 01 Tripoli
  •  the Hellenic Post online store
  •  post offices in the Hellenic Post network


3. In parallel, a Special Commemorative Postmark will be available on Thursday September 23rd 2021 at the Apostolopouleon Cultural Centre, 25 Papanastasiou St, 221 00 Tripoli, from 5.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.


4. Stamps to the value of at least €0.90 must be affixed to each item to be postmarked. Any item to be posted must bear the appropriate stamp(s) for domestic or international mail or special delivery service, as the case may be.


5. Anyone unable to come to the Apostolopouleon Cultural Centre and wishing to have a philatelic item stamped with the commemorative postmark should post it to the Philatelic Service, 100 Aiolou St (second floor), 101 88 Athens, Greece, no later than 23rd December 2021. Please note that the postmark stamped by the post office from which the item is sent will indicate the date of posting. Senders should include their name and full address in the envelope so that their postmarked items can be sent back to them.


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