NOTOS 2021
Τετάρτη, 20 Οκτωβρίου 2021




1. On November 19, 2021, the 9th Commemorative Set of Stamps-Feuillet, entitled "NOTOS 2021", will be released. The set consists of one numbered Feuillet of 125 x 88 mm, which includes two stamps of 35 X 45 mm, each, and is available at a charge of 4,80 € per piece.

Barcode: 5205344164455


2. The set will be available in the following categories and quantities:



CATEGORIES                                 DESIGNS                                  QUANTITIES


2,40 €+2,40 € Medallion matrix of the large Hermes Head (1861) 20.000 numbered                                                                                                                               feuillets

                                Matrix of the Large Hermes Head (2011) 

3. Also produced:

3.1 Numbered Set Album in a limited edition of 1.000. The album will be priced at eighteen euros (18,00 €), including 24% VAT (14,52 € + 3,48 €). In parts of Greece with a reduced rate of VAT, the price of the album will be sixteen euros and ninety nine cents (16,99 €) including 17% VAT (14,52 € + 2,47 €).


Barcode: 5205344164479


3.2  First Day Cover in a limited edition of 5.000 pieces with the miniature sheet of the set affixed to it. It will be priced at seven euros (7,00 €) per piece, including 24% VAT (5,65 € + 1,35 €). In parts of Greece with a reduced rate of VAT, the price will be six euros and sixty one cents (6,61 €) including 17% VAT (5,65 € + 0,96 €).

Barcode: 5205344164462

The Numbered Souvenir Sheets and the First Day Covers will be available from the date of their release until November 18, 2022, unless previously sold out. The Numbered Set Album will be available as long as stocks last.

4. Collectors will be able to have their philatelic items franked with the special commemorative first day of issue postmark at Zappeion, Queen Olga's, Avenue, Athens, on Friday November 19, 2021, from 12.00 to 20.00, provided the miniature sheet from the set or any other stamps with a minimum value of 0,90 € are affixed to them. Alternatively, collectors can send postal items to the Philatelic Service (100 Aiolou St, second floor, 101 88 Athens), provided stamps with a minimum value of 0,90 € are affixed to them. Please mark the envelope “PHILATELIC ITEMS”.


5. Permanent subscribers to stamps from the Philatelic Service will be sent their orders directly by the Philatelic Service provided that funds in the appropriate amount are in their account 15 days before the date of issue of the set.

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