Write a letter to Santa Claus for Christmas 2020
Δευτέρα, 30 Νοεμβρίου 2020

Having issued this year’s Christmas stamps, which are already available in post offices, Hellenic Post is really putting us in a festive mood by getting ready to collect this year’s letters to Santa Claus.

Especially this Christmas, when the need for communication, connection, hope and optimism is stronger than ever, Hellenic Post’s “Letter to Santa” initiative is a public service that is more important than ever.

This is the 29th year that the special red postboxes will be appearing outside the country’s main post offices, ready for your letters to Santa. Most of the letters are full of colourful drawings, with hopes for the new year and descriptions of gifts. But some talk about the difficulties of everyday life and the challenges of the current times. These tend to be from adults, perhaps written as a form of therapy. Some of them are written with a sense of humour, others are moving, but all are deeply emotional, original and unique.

All the letters we receive are treated with the care and sensitivity they deserve. They are taken to the Public Relations Department of Hellenic Post, which once a year becomes Santa’s very own post office. Then, with the valuable help of the country’s postal network, replies are sent to any letters that have the sender’s address written on the envelope.

This year, we are sending a beautiful piece of writing by the children's author Antonis Papatheodoulou, which wonderfully combines integrity and imagination. It is illustrated by Anthoula Lygka, the graphic designer of Hellenic Post’s Philatelic Department, inspired by this year Christmas stamps.

But we are not stopping there!

In response to your numerous questions about writing to Santa Claus, we have created an interactive Christmas site, https://hohoho.elta.gr/. Check it out to see videos with guidelines about how to write your own letter, printable pages for creative play, educational games, news, the nearest post office with a red postbox for letters to Santa, and this year's Christmas stamps and products. Especially for teachers, the site includes ideas and guidelines for using “Letter to Santa” in classrooms.

We are looking forward to receiving your letters and your feedback this year, as in previous years,

and wish everyone health and happiness during this very different festive season.

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