Hellenic Post honoured at PostEurop corporate social responsibility awards
Δευτέρα, 18 Οκτωβρίου 2021

Hellenic Post honoured at PostEurop corporate social responsibility awards

Hellenic Post has received a 2021 Coup de Coeur award from PostEurop for its “Stop Bullying” initiative. The Coups de Coeur Awards are given annually for the best practices of European postal operators in the corporate social responsibility categories of Society, Employees and Environment.

Hellenic Post landed the Society award for an innovative and impactful initiative that takes a sensitive stamp-based approach to a contemporary issue.

The Stop Bullying campaign, which began at the end 2020 with the launch of a set of stamps of the same name and concluded in early 2021 when posters were sent to all schools in Greece, was supported by the Ministry of Education and run in partnership with the charity The Smile of the Child.

In response to the award, Hellenic Post’s CEO, George Constantopoulos, said:

“Every year, Hellenic Post dedicates a commemorative set of stamps to children’s issues. In 2020 we decided to approach the sensitive topic of bullying, and to use our stamps to speak out against a scourge that so profoundly affects the younger generation. In parallel, we maximised the social impact of the stamps through “Stop Bullying” posters that we designed and sent free of charge to schools throughout the country, as well as through a social media campaign. The initiative, on which we worked with the Smile of the Child charity, was supported by the Ministry of Education.

Our 2021 CSR Coups de Coeur Award is particularly meaningful given that the participating post offices presented such outstanding social responsibility initiatives. On behalf of Hellenic Post, thank you most sincerely for this award.”

The awards ceremony, held during the PostEurop Plenary Assembly, also honoured the Czech postal service in the Employees category and the German postal service in the Environment category.

See the video of the ceremony here

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