SPECIAL SERIES OF STAMP “EUROMED 2017” “Trees of the Mediterranean”
Τετάρτη, 28 Ιουνίου 2017




2,62 €

Mastic Tree


DIMENSIONS                : 35 X 45 mm in sheets of 8

DESIGN                       : Myrsini Vardopoulou

PRINTING METHOD    : Multicolored (OFFSET)


CIRCULATION-SALES: This series will be issued on 27 June 2017 and will be available at the Hellenic post offices through 26 June 2018, unless previously sold out. Complete sets will be available at the local Hellenic post offices and at the Central Philatelic Office until their withdrawal, unless previously sold out.

*The Hellenic Post wishes to thank the photographer Apostolos Flioukas, for providing material which enabled the publication of present Series.

Also available:

1. BOOKLETS (5.000 pieces)

5.000 numbered booklets will be issued, each of which contains two joined stamps, perforated on one side and cut on the other. Available at a charge of 5.24 €.

2. ILLUSTRATED FIRST DAY COVERS (5.000 pieces) Illustrated First Day Covers will be issued with a design related to the subject of the set. Available at charge of 4,00 €.

3. REGULAR SET ALBUMS (1.000 pieces) 

Regular Set Albums will be available at a charge of 11,00 €.

4. SOUVENIR SHEETS (7.000 pieces, numbered)

Available at a charge of 2.62 €.

All philatelic products will be available at the Central Philatelic Office (5, Lykourgou Street & Apellou) and at the Post Offices until sold out, except the F.D.C and the numbered souvenir sheets which will be withdrawn on 26 June 2018.

Collectors will be able to have items franked at the Central Philatelic Office with the special First Day Cover commemorative postmark, providing they have affixed to them the stamp of the Series.

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