COMMEMORATIVE SET OF STAMPS - FEUILLET “Ioannis Phokas – the first Greek seafarer in SW Canada”
Δευτέρα, 23 Απριλίου 2018

Ioannis Phokas was born in about 1530 in Venetian-ruled Cephalonia. Having fallen under the spell of the sea and with a thirst for adventure, he departed as an adolescent on Venetian vessels bound for foreign ports both known and unknown. 

Spain was the land that gave shape to his dreams. Known there as Juan de Fuca, he voyaged chiefly between America and Spain, successfully traversing the Sea of Darkness, as the Atlantic Ocean was once known.

At the suggest of the Viceroy of Mexico, the Greek navigator undertook the exploration of the west coast of North America in search of the mythical Strait of Anián, which was thought to join the Atlantic with the Pacific Ocean.

His first voyage ended in failure. However, in 1592 Phokas set out again from Acapulco with an experienced crew, sailed along the west coast of Mexico and past the coastal mountain ranges of California, until, finally, he reached a north-eastern strait. He explored the unknown passage, located between the 47th and the 48th parallel, for twenty days, but was finally forced to return due to bad weather, the fatigue of the crew and the deteriorating condition of his ships. So it was that Ioannis Phokas sailed into history, having – unknowingly – discovered the channel south of Vancouver Island rather than the non-existent Strait of Anián.

His achievement occupies a permanent place in the history and cartography of the New World and on every map where it is marked, the strait now bears the name of Juan de Fuca, in honour of the Greek seafarer who first sailed there.

The issue consists of one Feuillet of 70X90 mm, which includes one stamp of 35 X 45 mm.  

2,50 €

Free composition

25.000 numbered pieces

DESIGN     APTATION          : Marina Lasithiotaki

PRINTING METHOD               : Multicolored (OFFSET)


CIRCULATION-SALES           : The Feuillet circulates on 24 April 2018, and will be available at the Hellenic post offices through 23 April 2019, unless previously sold out. Complete sets will be available at the local Hellenic Post Offices and at the Central Philatelic Office until their withdrawal, unless previously sold out.

Also available:


They have a design related to the subject of the Series. Available at a charge of 3,80 € per set.

2. REGULAR SET ALBUMS (1.000 pieces)

Available at a charge of 9,40 €

All philatelic products will be available at the Central Philatelic Office (5 Lykourgou str. & Apellou, 100 38 Athens), and at the Post Offices until sold out, except the F.D.C., which will be withdrawn on 23 April 2019.

Collectors will be able to have items franked at the Central Philatelic Office with the special First Day commemorative postmark, providing they have affixed to the Feuillet or the Feuillet stamp. 

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