COMMEMORATIVE SET OF STAMPS - FEUILLET “100-year anniversary of the Museum of Modern Greek Culture”
Δευτέρα, 23 Ιουλίου 2018

In 2018 the Museum of Modern Greek Culture celebrates its 100th anniversary.

The Museum of Modern Greek Culture was founded in Athens in 1918 as Museum of Greek Handicrafts and from 1959 until recently it has been known as Museum of Greek Folk Art. Its collections include utilitarian and decorative objects, used in everyday life and customary events, in both home and workplace, dating back mainly from the 18th to the 20th century.

Over the past 100 years the Museum has come a long way; its collections and activities as well as the buildings that house its displays, events and other functions have multiplied, creating accordingly a grid of culture venues in the greater area of Plaka. Today the Museum is working on its new permanent exhibition to be housed in a“magical courtyard”in the Monastiraki area, an entire 19th century neighborhood, where a mosaic of building remnants illustrates the city’s long history. The presentation of the Museum’s history and collection policy will focus on the importance of the Modern Greek cultural heritage by giving meaningful substance to narratives that were silenced and ignored as of non-importance, reshaping thus the cultural map of the city.

The commemorative set of stamps by the Hellenic Post is inspired by Theophilos Hatzimichael’s (1873-1934) paintings from the Museum of Modern Greek Culture collections, some of them part of the detached frescoes decoration of a room from Lesvos.




1,00 €

Alexander the Great

Detached fresco in aluminium frame (Reg. No 3095)

25.000 Feuillets

1,00 €

Erotokritos and Aretousa

Painting from the eastern wall of the room (Reg. No 18695)

 25.000 Feuillets

The issue consists of two Feuillets of 70X85 mm, each of which includes one stamp of 35 X 45 mm. The Feuillets are numbered and available only in sets at a charge of 2,00 € per set.

DESIGN - ADAPTATION          : Anthoula Lygka

PRINTING METHOD               : Multicolored (OFFSET)


CIRCULATION-SALES           : The Feuillet circulates on 25 July 2018, and will be available at the Hellenic post offices through 24 July 2020, unless previously sold out. Complete sets will be available at the local Hellenic Post Offices and at the Central Philatelic Office until their withdrawal, unless previously sold out.

Also available:


They have a design related to the subject of the Series. Available at a charge of 3,80 € per set.

2. REGULAR SET ALBUMS (300 pieces)

Available at a charge of 8,40 €.

All philatelic products will be available at the Central Philatelic Office (5 Lykourgou str. & Apellou, 100 38 Athens), and at the Post Offices until sold out, except the F.D.C., which will be withdrawn on 24 July 2020.

Collectors will be able to have items franked at the Central Philatelic Office with the special First Day commemorative postmark, providing they have affixed to the Feuillet or the Feuillet stamp.  

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