“We stayed home and won. Thank you everyone!” Special collectible stamp issue with a social objective
Τρίτη, 16 Ιουνίου 2020

At a time when Greece is emerging victorious from its great battle with the coronavirus, Hellenic Post is launching a special collectible stamp issue with an important message: 

“We stayed home and won. Thank you everyone!”

This collectible issue emphasises our collective effort and shared victory, highlighting Greece’s success in dealing with the pandemic.  At the same time, it says “thank you” to everyone who contributed to it - those who worked on the front line, but also those who protected public health by staying at home.

The issue has a dual social purpose: as well as delivering an important and timely message, the company's Board of Directors has decided that part of its revenues will go into a special fund to support the country's medical infrastructure. This is another way in which Hellenic Post is contributing to the national effort against COVID-19.

“The battle against the coronavirus brought us all together, united against an unprecedented enemy,” said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hellenic Post, Polychronis Griveas, at the launch of this special issue. "With the joint effort of the state, citizens and businesses, we managed to “stay home and win” the first crucial stage of the pandemic. The effort continues. Everyone who gave their all in the fight against the coronavirus deserves the thanks of all the Greek people. We dedicate this special, collectible stamp issue to them. To say “thank you” to them, in our own language. The language of Hellenic Post.”

For his part, the company’s CEO, George Constantopoulos, emphasised: “This set of stamps symbolises the pride that we at Hellenic Post all feel in having accomplished a difficult double mission:  zero cases in our network, while ensuring the health of our employees and customers. While you stayed home, fighting your own battle, we kept Hellenic Post open. We delivered parcels, letters and pensions, supporting society and the economy. In this way we helped link the whole of Greece together, and we emerged victorious. Thank you everyone!”

The special issue comprises the following products:

  • Block of 4 self-adhesive special personalised “We stayed at home and won” stamps  
  • Block of 4 self-adhesive special personalised “Thank you everyone!” stamps 

These two souvenir sheets  of four (4) self-adhesive special personalised stamps are available in a limited edition of 5,000 for €4.00 each.    


Special Numbered Collectible Album:


A Special Numbered Collectible Album  comprising:

  • Two (2) self-adhesive special personalised stamps 
  • A numbered “We stayed home and won” postcard with the corresponding self-adhesive stamp affixed to it and franked 
  • A numbered “Thank you everyone” postcard with the corresponding self-adhesive stamp affixed to it and franked 
  • A special commemorative numbered cover with the two self-adhesive stamps affixed to it and franked. 

The albums are available in a limited edition of 1,500 for €18.00 each. 

The stamps and products in the set are available:

  • at the Hellenic Post online store www.elta.gr
  • at the Post Collection shop – Central Philatelic Office, 5 Lykourgou St & Apellou, in Athens
  • at the main post offices of Thessaloniki, Piraeus & Patras 
  • at all the country’s post offices upon request.


Because the above philatelic products will be available in limited numbers, we will process orders strictly on a first-come, first-served basis.


Franking with the special commemorative postmark will take place on Tuesday, 16 June 2020  at the Philatelic Service (100 Aiolou St, 1st floor), from 10 am to 1 pm.


Anyone wishing to have postal items franked with the above commemorative postmark can send them to the Philatelic Service, 100 Aiolou St (first floor), 10188 Athens, Greece, by 15 July 2020 (the postmark will serve as proof of the date of posting).

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