LGBTQI+ We support you
Τρίτη, 8 Ιουνίου 2021

The Hellenic Post also declares its support for diversity and its acceptance, and for equal rights, in an inclusive and fair society. Using the power of the stamp which, despite its small size, has proven that it is a drive for civilization and a great means for spreading modern social messages, the Hellenic Post actively participates in the effort to eliminate discrimination against LGBTQI+ individuals, wishing to contribute to the community's visibility and to the demonstration of the challenges it faces.

The Special Edition “LGBTQI+ We support you” includes a Leaflet with 4 Self-Adhesive Personalized Stamps, priced at 4.00€, which will be issued on Thursday, June 10th.

You can purchase them at the Hellenic Shop’s e-shop, and at the Hellenic Post Branches.

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