Τετάρτη, 4 Δεκεμβρίου 2013
Α brand new innovation coming from Hellenic Post!

For the first time in Greek stamp history, the two dimensional barcode technology (QRC) is depicted in a stamp of a Commemorative Series of Stamps  that is being launched on December 2nd, under the title “From the Physical to the Digital Post Service”.


Scanning the 0,72€ stamp, you are immediately linked to the corporate Hellenic Post website and you have on your mobile phone all the information that you need about post services: post offices addresses, timetables and e-shop services.
Leading its business within a competitive environment and in a substantially deregulated market, influenced by the acute financial crises of our times, the Hellenic Post chooses to invest in the future, in technological infrastructures and services and in new generation equipment, aiming at becoming the Modern Postal Services Provider of tomorrow. The Digital Post is an imminent need today; and the Greek postal business shall certainly incorporate the contemporary technological imperatives, targeting high competitiveness and the maximum service performance.

This is the spirit governing the Commemorative Series of Stamps launched by the Hellenic Post on December 2nd 2013 under the title “From the Physical to the Digital Post Service”.


0,01 €    Free Composition    750.000
0,10 €    Free Composition    1.000.000
0,72 €    Free Composition    750.000
2,62 €    Free Composition    100.000

DIMENSIONS                        : 29 X 42 mm in sheets of 25
ADAPTATION                        : Myrsini Vardopoulou
PRINTING METHOD               : Multicolored (OFFSET)
PRINTERS                             : «JOH. ENSCHEDÉ SECURITY PRINT»
CIRCULATION-SALES           : This set circulates on 2 December 2013, and will be available at the Hellenic post offices through 1 December 2014, unless previously sold out. Complete sets will be available at the local Hellenic Post Offices and at the Central Philatelic Office until their withdrawal, unless previously sold out.

Also available:
They have a design related to the subject of the Series. Available at a charge of 4.90 € per piece.
2. SETS OF STAMPS IN PACK (1.000 pieces)
Available at a charge of 6.30 €.
3. REGULAR SET ALBUMS (1.000 pieces)
Available at a charge of 11.80 €.

All philatelic products will be available at the Central Philatelic Office (5 Lykourgou str. & Apellou, 100 38 Athens), and at the Post Offices until sold out, except the F.D.C. and the Booklets, which will be withdrawn on 1 December 2014.

Collectors will be able to have items franked at the Central Philatelic Office with the special First Day Cover commemorative postmark, providing they have affixed to them stamps from the set responding to the first rate domestic mail, today 0,72 €.

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