Τετάρτη, 11 Νοεμβρίου 2015

The 70th anniversary of the signing of the UN Charter is an opportunity to reflect on the valuable contribution of the United Nations to humankind. The UN has always been a guardian of international law and international legality, performing a uniquely important mission to ensure global stability and prosperity.

The 70th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations should make us both reflective and alert. Every day, the UN is called upon to perform its extremely important work under rapidly changing conditions, as humankind faces new challenges and threats, including the current refugee crisis that has resulted in so many victims.

Greece was a founding member of the United Nations and has always supported it.  Seventy years on, Greece remains committed to the vision and goals of the organisation, participating constructively in its work in the framework of a multi-faceted and actively peace-seeking foreign policy.


This is the year of the philatelic exhibition “NOTOS 2015”, which will take place at the Peristeri Exhibition Centre in two parts: the curtain-raiser is “NOTOS 2015 Collectables”, during which the public will have the opportunity to admire stamps, envelopes, cards, coins, medals, photographs, historical documents, Olympic memorabilia, maps, old newspapers, magazines and many other collectables including matchboxes, playing cards and lottery tickets.

This will be followed by the NOTOS 2015 International Philatelic Exhibition, devoted purely to stamps, which will host exhibitors from 36 countries and award prizes to exhibits concerning southern Europe. There will also be displays of magazines, books, articles and other publications concerning stamp collecting by writers from all over the world.




0,72 €

“NOTOS 2015” Logo



“NOTOS 2015” Logo


1,00 €

70th anniversary of the founding of the UN


DIMENSIONS                          : 35X45 mm in sheets of 25

ADAPTATION                        : Myrsini Vardopoulou

PRINTING METHOD               : Multicolored (OFFSET)

PRINTERS                             : “ Giesecke & Devrient Matsoukis S.A.”

CIRCULATION-SALES           : This set circulates on 04 November 2015, and will be available at the Hellenic post offices through 03 November 2016, unless previously sold out. Complete sets will be available at the local Hellenic Post Offices and at the Central Philatelic Office until their withdrawal, unless previously sold out.

Also available:


They have a design related to the subject of the Series. Available at a charge of 4.50 € per set.

2. SETS OF STAMPS IN PACK (1.000 pieces)

Available at a charge of 8.50 €, each. Includes all 6 Stamps of the Series “Anniversaries Events”


3. REGULAR SET ALBUM (1.000 pieces)

Available at a charge of 17.20 €, each. Includes all 6 Stamps as well as the 4 F.D.C. of the Series “Anniversaries Events”.

4. PREPAID MAXIMUM CARDS (2x1.000 pieces)

Available at a charge of 9.60 € per set.


5. SOUVENIR SHEETS, NUMBERED (10.000 pieces)

Available at a charge of 1.62 €, each. Includes the two stamps of “NOTOS 2015”.


All philatelic products will be available at the Central Philatelic Office (5 Lykourgou str. & Apellou, 100 38 Athens), and at the Post Offices until sold out, except the F.D.C and the numbered souvenir sheets, which will be withdrawn on 03 November 2016.

Collectors will be able to have items franked at the Central Philatelic Office with the special First Day commemorative postmark, providing they have affixed to them stamps from the set responding to the first rate domestic mail, today 0,72 €.



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