Domestic Parcels

Domestic Parcel

The most reliable and affordable parcel delivery service!

Domestic Parcel Services are provided by ELTA postal network and include the reception, the transportation and the delivery of parcels which contain merchandise, products, personal items etc.  

The Domestic Parcel Services are provided to all types of businesses (e-shops, commercial companies, export companies, etc.) as well as to independent professionals and to individuals who need to send domestic parcels.

The deposit of the domestic parcels is done in a Post Office of ELTA or to a Postal Agency of ELTA and the time of delivery is within three working days of the day of posting. 

The delivery of the domestic Parcel takes place at the Post Office of ELTA after the relevant notification of the recipient (sms / notice). There is possibility of track and trace of the parcels with the use of a special Barcode number.

The customers who send frequently domestic parcels are provided with the special SYDELTA - HERMES application for the printing of parcel documents and of the checks on delivery.

Free Military Parcels:

The dispatch of the military parcels to soldiers and NCOs can be sent free of charge.

The dispatch of the military parcels weighing up to three kilograms can be sent free of charge to soldiers and NCOs doing their national service or by new recruits containing their civilian apparel (up to five kilograms).

Free Parcel Post

This Service is provided to companies which give customers the possibility to return for free products that they have sent to them or publications, recycling materials etc. The companies pay the postage fees themselves, so that customers returning the goods can do so free of charge Customers can post Free Parcels at all Hellenic Post branches and postal agencies. The returned Free Parcels are delivered by ELTA to the address of the company while at all stages of the parcel’s transportation there is tracking.

Cash on Delivery:

On the delivery of a parcel the postman receives the amount of money that the sender has requested in cash or with money orders.

Insured Items:

A parcel can be sent as insured and the insured value ranges from the minimum amount of 36 euros to the maximum amount of 30.000 euros. In the case of loss or damage, compensation is given to the sender.

“At Home” Delivery:

The parcels are delivered at the address of the recipient.

“At Home” Collection:

Parcels can be collected from the sender’s address. This service is provided to the customers who have signed a contract with ELTA.

Fragile or Oversized Parcels:

This special service can be used for parcels with fragile content or with dimensions and/or weight above the standard.

Express Delivery Parcels:

The parcels of this category are charged with the express delivery fees and are sent as postal items of A’ Priority with the relevant time of delivery.

For printing the accompanying ticket of a Parcel (SYDELTA) with destination to Greece press here.


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