Hybrid Mail

Υβριδικό Ταχυδρομείο

Hellenic Post launches a new era - with Hybrid Mail

To satisfy the need for fast and reliable communication Hellenic Post developed the Hybrid Mail service offering companies a new fast and cost-effective way of reaching their customers. 

With Hybrid Mail, you send us electronically a data file with all the details of the customers you want to communicate with and we transform this into individual letters, print them out and send them to your customers. These may be customer bills, bank account statements, information about new products and whatever information you need to send your customers on a regular basis.  

Hybrid Mail is an ideal service because:

  • The process of getting your communications out to your customers is speeding up
  • Time and resources is saved – we do all the work for you once you’ve sent us the electronic file. 
  • Better control and monitoring is given over the dispatch process
  • There are environmental benefits: less transport demands due to the electronic distribution of information.
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