International First and Second Class Letter Mail

With Hellenic Post you communicate with all the World!

International Priority and Non Priority mail can be used for all postal items, such as letters, postcards, documents and packets (small parcels).

International Priority Mail

Posting: International priority mail items can be posted at Hellenic Post branches, mailboxes, with rural distributors and our postal agencies.  They should be marked, in hand or with stickers, with either “PAR AVION”, “BY AIR MAIL”, “PRIORITAIRE” or “PRIORITY”.  Markings should where possible be on the upper left corner.  All items similar to postcards (that is, for items not in an envelope “à découvert”) are accepted.

Special Delivery: additional services such as recorded delivery are available. 

Delivery time: International Priority mail is normally delivered to European Union countries in three working days following the day of their posting,and to the rest of the World in 3-5 days.

International Non Priority Mail

Posting: International Non Priority mail items can be posted at Hellenic Post Branches, with rural distributors and our postal agencies.  They should be marked with a “B”, on the left side of the stamp, either by hand or with a sticker available in ELTA branches.

Please note that with the exception of postcards, Non Priority mail should not be placed directly in mailboxes.

Postcards are normally charged as Non Priority mail.

Special Delivery:  Non Priority mail items can be sent Registered or using the Cash on Delivery service.

Delivery time: these depend on delivery times within the destination country, as determined by the Postal Service of each country.

For further information of the International Mail Services, please, see the Price List and the List with the Special Management Services for International Mail 

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