Mail Marketing

Communicate with your Customers!

It is a well known fact that one of the major success factors for a business is its effective communication with its customers.

Hellenic Post is offering a whole range of Mail Marketing services for businesses to communicate with existing and prospective customers in a targeted, personalised or two-way communication to build relationships with their customers with measured results.

Mail Marketing is the ideal solution because:

  • You can reach specific types of customers
  • You can adapt your message to match each type of customer
  • You can measure what works and what doesn’t.
  • You know where and how each euro is spent!

Inserts can now be posted without additional charges!

Select the service that suits you to send your advertising messages in small or large quantities


(Bulk mail using Recipients’ Addresses)

You can send information, newsletters, promotional material, samples of goods, audiovisual cassettes, diskettes and even greeting cards, all at attractive prices. You can knock on the door of your customer and address him personally.

The ideal service for those who want to:

  • Create Awareness
  • Increase traffic to their stores and website
  • Mobilize sales, orders
  • Increase revenues
  • Build repeat sales
  • Sell subscriptions
  • Encourage product testing

It is economical, efficient, targeted and direct communication


If you're big or small publisher of a newspaper or magazine and not subsidized by the Ministry of Press and Media, you can send your publications to your readers using the Press Post service.

It's the service that connects publishers with readers at particularly favourable prices.


(Without Recipient Address)

Targeted, economical advertising by geography, chosing specific segments of the market!

You don't need an address to reach your customers. This service enables you to reach all Greek households at a remarkably low cost. 

The service is addressed to professionals, entrepreneurs who want to communicate their message and to promote their products and services directly and primarily economically in regional and local markets.

  • You can select the target audience and:
  • Offer discounts and increase sales
  • Conduct competitions
  • Increase traffic to your stores
  • Build a database, using reply mails




Improve the effectiveness of your promotions and build your customer base!

Reply mail is a quick and easy way for your customers to contact you at no charge for sending messages. It is a direct and reliable communication means that improves and increases the response of consumers and businesses to your offers. Replies can be either cards or envelopes. Postage is paid upon receipt of reply mail.


The service “International Business Reply Service “or IBRS/CCRI as is internationally known is a service that allows senders with special licenses to post and pay when they receive the reply mail. This service covers countries which also offer it.

There are discount available for all Mail Marketing services.


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