New Technologies

Νέες ΤεχνολογίεςELTA has already implemented modern quality measurement systems and new technologies to support its operations:

  • Integrated Information System (ERP) based on Oracle Financials platform, combined with an automated GIRO system.
  • Systems for the automation of transactions with customers (RIPOSTE), which reduce drastically the waiting time of the transactions.
  • Systems and Technologies for measuring quality of service (GREX and UNEX). These systems track the time required for the transit of postal items, from the time of deposit to delivery, and also track the time required for forwarding postal items in the intermediate stages of management (Deposit - Transfer - Sorting-Distribution).
  • Track and Trace Systems for special delivery mail items providing real time information to the customer at every stage of the item’s journey.
  • Electronic Systems for the Control of Mail Collection from mailboxes.
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS), which ensure the effective organization of the distribution sectors in each region, depending on the volume of mail handled
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