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The "Coordination Mechanism" defines the framework regarding the governance of Public Companies in the share capital of which the Hellenic Corporation of Assets and Participations S.A. (hereinafter HCAP "EESYP") participates, according to article 197 par. 6 of law 4389/2016. Hellenic Post SA (hereinafter "ELTA") is one of the other subsidiaries of the HCAP portfolio. HCAP holds 100% of the company share capital.

The present is a Coordination Mechanism document concerning the ELTA "Mission", which defines the main strategies, business and operational directions and the central goal primarily in terms of increasing their public value.

ELTA is a group of companies under ELTA S.A. parent company. Its subsidiary is ELTA COURIER S.A. ELTA offers postal, financial and bank assurance services, retail network products, courier services.

ELTA, as parent company is also the Universal Service Provider until December 31st, 2028, according to the current legislation (art. 21 of law 4053/2012). The provision of Universal Service determines the character of ELTA in terms of their position and role in the operation of the postal market, in the sense of commitment to the state to offer acceptable quality Universal Service at affordable prices to all citizens.

In particular, according to the strategic directions, the goal of ELTA is to strengthen competitiveness and ensure long-term viability, through the improvement of the services provided - in terms of quality and accessibility - with a view to better customer service. All this, in a context where modernization and innovation will be sought, both in terms of the product provided, as well as in terms of optimizing internal processes and rationalizing costs.

According to the above directions, ELTA is going through a period of restructuring, due to the general changes in the postal market. In this context, the goal is to develop under competitive conditions, increase productivity and rationalize operating costs, so that invested financial and other resources to be used efficiently and in accordance with current trends and best practices of the industry.

Specifying the above, the ELTA Mission comprises:

  • Ensuring short-term viability through:
    • The immediate halt to the revenue decline rate,
    • interventions for the consolidation of operating costs, as well as
    • measures ensuring liquidity.
  • Medium-long-term transformation of the company through:
    • enhancing the operational efficiency and transformation of the production model,
    • productive and technological transformation investments to improve productivity,
    • customer-centric targeting with an emphasis on customer experience at all points of contact, while adopting a strong business orientation and corporate culture,
    • digital modernization in line with the transformation strategy and the new business model, utilizing available technologies and innovative practices in the industry,
    • fulfillment of its regulatory obligations and the services quality level, taking into account the market needs as well as the European trends, which is also linked to the terms of universal service provision (performance obligations, basic services, etc.).

According to the forecasts of the Coordination Mechanism, and given that a major restructuring plan is in progress, the ELTA Group Mission may be revised if deemed necessary.

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