KEK ELTA (ELTA's Vocational Training Center)

The affiliated company KEK ELTA S.A. with a share capital owned by 70% by  ELTA and by 30% by Pan-Hellenic Federation of Postal Associations (POST) constitutes since 1989 the “locomotive of” growth and prospect of ELTA Group as a constant and specialised structure of business-to-business education and training, exploiting all the modern methods and techniques of acquisition of knowledge, dexterities and faculties.

It is known that in the globalized economy the value of enterprises is not found in the constant elements of their assets, but in immaterial elements, as corporate knowledge, licenses and adaptability.

Organizations that evolve with learning (learning organizations) are those that allocate and use systems, mechanisms and processes, in order to continuously promote their individual and collective potential, achieving better and viable results, both for themselves and the environment in which they are active.

The provision of education and training on behalf of KEK ELTA is based on substantiated needs of the ELTA Group of Companies, its strategic allies (Hellenic Postbank) and Balkan Postal Organizations and their employees in concretely cognitively professional and scientific fields. KEK ELTA’s concern is in effect the principle “No supposedly knowledge, but real qualifications” so that competitiveness is strengthened . Thus,  education constitutes over time a means of reformation and application of innovative solutions, and also acomparative advantage for the support of changes that contribute in the growth and their prospect.

KEK ELTA having the experience of more than 2.000.000 man-hours of education and training as well as implementation or participation in numerous European programs  achieves its continuous  improvement so that it has those particular characteristics to consist a unique and flexible institution in Greece and the Balkans in the provision of specialized educational and advisory services to all postal organizations.

This strategic direction offers to KEK ELTA a dynamic development and prospect that it is based on future objectives and not on outdated models. It is a choice that can connect directly the professional education and training with the life-long improvement but also the certification of professional qualifications and outlines that are objectives of ELTA Group and its employess. From a marketing approach the abovementioned choice gives KEK ELTA the possibility of claiming a special part of the training market, in which it must always be specialised.

This fact brings KEK ELTA in an exceptionally advantageous position not only in the short term as also in the long term future. And this is because it managed, even in the current difficult economic situation, exploiting new technologies, e-learning, to increase the hours of education to the benefit of the employees and also the ELTA Group of Companies despite the reduction of corresponding resources.

The engagement of KEK ELTA over time, apart from the implementation of even most demanding educational programs, is about quality and in the speed it corresponds in the needs of its customers, based on the experience, on the planning and successfully meet the educational needs of the personnel of postal organizations.

14 years now, KEK ELTA methodically and systematically produces work that is the basic testament for the future of both employees and the ELTA Group.

All the above constitute a short presentation of its work. 

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