Tachymetafores ELTA (ELTA Courier)
The company

Tachimetafores ELTA S.A. is the subsidiary of Hellenic Post.  Founded in 2000 and launched in January 2001, it provides quality courier services throughout Greece and the world, operating as an independent company and exploiting the ELTA network synergies.

The key offered service “PORTA PORTA (DOOR - TO - DOOR service)” is the dynamic evolution of the ELTA service and is offered since 1987.

The company, through the continuous development of its retail network provides cost-effective and reliable services.  The result of these efforts is the establishment of its brand name as a synonym for the provision of courier services of quality and of high reliability.

ISO 9001:2000

Within the context of the continuous upgrading of services provided and aiming to increase customer satisfaction, the company employs in its production processes quality assurance practices that comply with the requirements specified in ISO-9001: 2000 standard.

Organizational Structure

ELTA Courier is organised in six directorates: Operations, Sales & Marketing, Quality & Organization, Administrative Support, IT and Finance.


Key features of ELTA Courier’s network are:

  • Continuous introduction of new technology systems that address the entire operation of the company.
  • The Call Centre serving issues related to orders, information requests and searches.
  • Electronic Track & Trace system through which the customer may at any time identify the transport stage of the sent item.
  • Distributors equipped with scanners for the total computer processing of the route information of objects in transit.
  • Privately-owned fleet, consisting of mopeds and trucks of green technology, ensuring the safety of users and the protection of the environment.

Since July 2011, ELTA Courier’s headquarters are in central Athens at the junction of L. Vouliagmenis 115-117 and L. Ilia Iliou.


Domestic Courier Services


Intracity: Delivery on the next day or Delivery on the same day within 2-5 hours

Inetrcity: Delivery on the next day to all cities in the country

Additional services: Delivery at a predetermined time, to selected destinations, Special handling, Cash on Delivery, Delivery on Saturday at selected locations (company network), Re-Delivery (Third delivery), Insurance of shipments to the amount of the declared value.

Courier Services Abroad

The EMS service (EXPRESS MAIL SERVICE) offers: Competitive prices with no volumetric charges, delivery in 2-3 business days to major destinations, receipt of items from the sender's address, Deposits to PO Box, Update on the course and tracking, delivery with return receipt.

The SPM service (SPECIAL PRIORITY MAIL) offers: Guaranteed delivery on the next working day in all major destinations in Europe and the U.S. Special treatment, Flexible imports program, Ability to record the name and signature of Recipient.

For more information visit Tachimetafores ELTA webpage.

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