Money Home Telephone Postal Order
Τηλεφωνικές Ταχυδρομικές Επιταγές Money Home

Money Home Telephone Postal Orders are appropriate for customers who wish to send money from a post office to a recipient address throughout Greece safely, comfortably and reliably, the next working day.

Τηλεφωνικές Ταχυδρομικές Επιταγές Money Home

It is appropriate for:

  • Greek tourists within the country
  • Students who live in different cities from their parents
  • Professionals on the move within the country
  • Soldiers and Military officers
  • Any person that requires an immediate transaction



  • At the latest on the next day
  • Redemption at home or residence of the recipient throughout the country
  • Service during evening hours and Saturdays at certain ELTA Stores
  • Safety and reliability in money transfer



  • The orders are transmitted by telephone or by fax, from the ELTA branch that issues the order to the ELTA branch that pays the order
  • Paid at hom
  • Paid in cash
  • Maximum amount of 6.000 €


Delivery time:
At the next business day the latest.

Money Home Telephone Postal Order Pricelist (in greek only):

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