ELTA New Pricelist

Hellenic Post – ELTA New Pricing and Commercial Policy

The new pricing policy of Hellenic Post is based on upgraded services and its main advantages include the creation of a user-friendly pricelist and the simplification of the pricing process and discount yields.

Key Points of the New Commercial and Pricing Policy

- user friendly pricelist

- a simplified pricing process and commercial policy

- change of basic letter service to non priority

- ability to trace simple objects

- upgrade of Priority 1 (merge with express)

- single billing zone for overseas letterhead

- discount policy based on customer 'loyalty'

The new commercial policy is based on rewarding customers based on their twelve-month turnover.

All customers are entitled to loyalty discounts as long as their total twelve-month deposit - for letter and parcel services is over € 600.

•    Price List of Letter Mail Items
•    Direct Mail Price List
•    International-Domestic Postal Parcels Price List

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