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This category includes all postal items up to 2 kg, such as letters, cards (CARTES POSTALES), newspapers and magazines, any printed forms and small packages.


International Priority Mail


Deposit: Priority Mail International letter mail items are deposited at all ELTA’s access points (Post Offices, Mailboxes, Agricultural Distributors and Postal Agencies) by either handwriting or tagging one of the "PAR AVION" or "BY AIR" MAIL ”or“ PRIORITAIRE ”or“ PRIORITY” indication labels. Such indication should be placed as far as possible in the upper left hand corner and below the sender's name and address.


Items that are considered as unwrapped would be accepted if they meet the requirements of the cartes postales (i.e. shape, dimensions).

Cartes Postales must be rectangular and made of cardboard or of paper rigid enough.

Cartes Postales made of any other material (e.g. wood) would not be accepted.


Special/Customized Services: Priority Mail letter mail items can be tailored to your specific needs, as they can be sent in conjunction with some of the special delivery services (i.e. Tracking, Registered, Delivery to Customer, Cash on Delivery, Proof of Receipt etc.).


Time of Delivery: Priority Mail Letter mail items are normally delivered by their recipients within three (3) business days after the day of deposit (X + 3), in the EU countries and 3-5 days in the rest of the world.


International Non Priority Mail


Deposit: Non Priority mail items, regardless of number, are deposited at all ELTA’s access points Offices, Mailboxes, Agricultural Distributors and Postal Agencies).


Time of Delivery: Non Priority mail items’ time of delivery depends on the times of transmission within the country of destination, as those determined by the Postal Service of each country.


Non Priority Letter mail items cannot be posted in conjunction with any of the special/customized services.


Postcard – Priority


This specific service refers to the exclusive shipping of unwrapped Postcards / Cartes Postales to all overseas countries, with a single fee of € 1.00.

Items that do not meet the requirements of cartes postales will be shipped as Priority A items. This indication is not mandatory for cartes postales with pictures. They must be shipped unencrypted, ie without wrapper or envelope.


Description of Special Delivery Services:


Registered (RE): Letters or objects for which proof of deposit is provided. Such items are tracked while the service is delivered to the recipient by his signature or by the signature of a person authorized by him. They have a Barcode label with the corresponding prefix (RE) on the front of the inscription. They may be accompanied by a proof of delivery receipt. Only Priority Letter Mail items can be sent as of “Registered”.

Declared Value / Insured (VR): Letters tracked at all stages of their journey to ensure their valuable content as well as the assured/guaranteed delivery by their recipient. They also bear on the front of the inscription a label of “DECLARED VALUE / INSURED” or handwritten label with the same indication. In addition, such items are accompanied by a Free Proof of Delivery document. Only Priority Letter Mail items can be sent as of a “Declared Value / Insured”.                                

Printed Proof of Delivery / Receipt: refers to a Written Receipt signed by the recipient, bearing the date of receipt and returned to the sender. Only Priority Letter Mail items can be sent as by the specific special service. Such a receipt may only accompany all traceable services, in particular: Registered, Declared Value / Insured, Cash On-Delivery, Delivery to Customer. Items with a Declared Value are accompanied by a “free of charge” proof of delivery Receipt. In cases where the above mentioned items are not accompanied by a Proof of Delivery Receipt, then the latter should be filled out and returned to the sender within an ELTA’s official envelope.

Cash on Delivery (RC): Letters that the value of their content must be paid upon receipt

a) To: Cyprus, Moldova the service is implemented by means of postal checks.

b) To: Italy, Spain, Hungary, Portugal and Turkey the service is carried out through the Eurogiro system.

Tracking (LL):  Letters or Parcels where a Proof of Deposit is granted and are considered as simply traceable, that is, they are traced at a minimum upon receipt and delivery. Such items / letters are delivered by the Postman to the address listed without any signature to be required by the Recipient. We regret to inform you that no compensation is provided for claims of lost or fully damaged items. By the Tracking special delivery service only letter mail items of A’ Priority Letter can be posted. Finally, Tracking is not combined with any of the other services of special delivery.


For further information of the International Letter Mail Services, please, see the Price List and the List with the Special Management Services for the International Letter Mail.

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