Web Labeling

Internet Application available in order to create Accompanying Documents for International Posts. 

The Web Labeling app: 

  • simplifies the items preparation procedure, since you have the possibility to create the accompanying documents (for customs clearance) & the labels for posting them from your place (App Manual);
  • makes it possible to track and trace your items;
  • facilitates the deposit procedure at the Post Office and reduces the necessary customer service time (Instructions for Post Preparation & Accompanying Post List);
  • makes it possible to create a list/file of known addressees and process it electronically, so that it is available, whenever necessary, for international posts;
  • facilitates and accelerates customs procedures in third countries (outside the European Union).
  • enables the seamless management of items by the destination country.


The Web Labeling app meets the new, international regulations and requirements applicable as of 01/01/2021 for posting international items, for which Post Offices must now exchange electronic advanced data (EAD). These data refer to international items, both for customs and security reasons. The new obligation to exchange enriched data applies to all items that are goods (merchandise or personal) and are destined for countries outside the European Union. It does not apply to post items that include mail/documents. 

The data to be sent electronically to the foreign country will be based on the data entered in the app. In case these data are incomplete or inaccurate, it is possible for these items - sent to third countries (countries outside the European Union) - to be returned to the sender!

The necessary enriched data that must be recorded in the new Hellenic Post web labeling app, for the seamless management of a post item in third countries (in countries outside the European Union) are the following:

  1. Full sender’s data. 
  2. Full addressee’s data (must include phone number or email, if they are known).
  3. Detailed description of goods (for all types included, quantity, weight, value).
  4. HS tariff number-necessary, as long as this is a commercial item.
  5. Document number (invoice, etc.)-necessary, as long as this is a commercial item.

By using the Web Labeling Internet app, you achieve: 

  • Time saving: Prepare your international posts and avoid potential queues and the time-consuming procedure of recording / filling in the information during the deposit of the items at the post office counters
  • Security and flexibility: Prepare your posts at your place, making use of technology, by filling in the necessary information on the app, print the labels and accompanying documents or note down the barcodes to use them at the post office counters, for faster service during the deposit!
  • Posts all over the world: The app has been set up so that you can select the post services that are available per country all over the world!
  • Fast and reliable preparation of items: The app fully guides you so that you can create the necessary and suitable documents for customs clearance, and ensure a seamless and carefree experience!


You may use the application either as a Guest (by filling in an e-mail) or as a Customer with Account. Account creation as well as the provision of user codes is done automatically through the application, by selecting "Creating Customer Account".

For more information or clarifications on the available applications and their installation procedures, please call 800 11 82 000, 212 0000 800 or send an email to service@elta-net.gr

In case you are a client / exporter, you will find more information on customs clearance on the page on Customs Clearance.

Instruction for fast and easy preparation of international posts at your place!

  • You will enter all the necessary information in the app, all the necessary documents will be generated, you will print them and, when you visit a Hellenic Post branch, you will deposit the items, together with any other documents (e.g. invoice, certificate, etc.); the documents will be placed inside a special self-adhesive cover which will be placed (paste or in an adhesive case) on the item.
  • In case you do not have a printer, the procedure remains the same, i.e. you will enter all the necessary data in the app so as to generate the necessary documents, the difference being that you must note down the barcode(s) that are generated by the app to use them at the post office counters. The employee at the post office counter will print the accompanying documents corresponding to each barcode.  


To access the app, press here

Depositing the necessary information and creating labels for the item at the Hellenic Post service points.

In case you have not prepared the posts nor entered the necessary information while depositing the items, and in order to achieve better service for all clients and to avoid any problems with the delivery of your items to third countries (countries outside the European Union), the Hellenic Post offers you the possibility for the personnel at the post office counter to carry out the preparation.

The employee at the post office counter will provide with you with a special Required Fields Form which you will fill in. Then, the employee will enter the data for the item on the app. Depending on the destination, the system may request additional data.  
The accompanying documents will be generated and printed, you will check that the data are correct and you will sign the documents, in order to confirm that you agree with the recorded data. Then, the necessary accompanying document(s) will be attached to the item(s).


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