PlanetSim mobile Starter kit

PlanetSim is a prepaid mobile sim card with very low rates that reduces roaming costs up to 80%.

Ideal for both business and pleasure trips and your study trips around the world.

PlanetSim service allows those who travel to calculate at any time the cost of their communications because it works on the principle of “pay as you go”.

PlanetSim offers big savings both to you and to those who call you!

Simply place PlanetSim on your mobile device and talk freely around the world.

Main characteristics

  • A global call number
  • Free incoming calls in 150 countries
  • The cheapest and simplest charges in the market
  • Single charge to any telephone number from any country
  • Telecommunication coverage that meets high standards in 92% of the planet
  • Never Expires: SIM - Number - Time
  • Free of charge balance check
  • Broadband GPRS / 3G / 4G Roaming
  • Advanced Voicemail
  • Free SMS receiving worldwide and economic cost of sending SMS
  • Free access to our Organized Customer Care Department
  • Multiple ways to renew talking time (scratch cards, website etc.) and also possibility of automatic renewal time

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